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heavy heart, no tears 12" LP

heavy heart, no tears 12" LP

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12" black vinyl [250x]

release april 26th 2024

baula's debut album, heavy heart, no tears, is an exploration of inner destruction and how it can manifest, in relation to oneself, to one's loved ones, and to complete strangers.

The duo says: “The album offers no redemptive turning point, no insights or solutions. It simply reflects the misery of depression, from initial doubts about one's self and life, to the final blow.” However, heavy heart, no tears does offer the humility to be vulnerable. To be human, and to need someone.

heavy heart, no tears
no one will ever know
heaven knows
santa fe

sick of love
mercury in retrograde
tell me how it's done
there will be nothing of us left
heavy heart, no tears II

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